Server Design Summit 2012 – Big Data Will Rock the Server World -Video by KC Leung

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Session B-102: Big Data Will Rock the Server World (Performance Track)
Chairperson: KRS Murthy, CEO, I Cubed

Joe Lau, Associate Vice President Product Management, Hyve Solutions
Clive D’Souza, Solutions Architect/Technical Specialist, Intel
Wes Mukai, VP Business Engineering and Systems Development, SAP
Eyal Gutkind, Senior Manager Enterprise Market Development, Mellanox Technologies
Jacco Draaijer, Senior Director R&D Big Data Appliance, Oracle

Session Description:
Big data is big news these days with far more data being produced all the time. Organizations must be able to use this data effectively to remain competitive and to cope with ever-changing business conditions. Obviously, petabytes and zettabytes of data will require huge amount of storage. However, they also will require servers with tremendous processing power, large amounts of memory, and high-speed I/O. This panel will explore how big data will affect the server world and what server manufacturers must provide to meet the challenge.
Intended Audience:
Hardware designers, engineering managers, server designers, systems engineers, systems analysts and integrators, marketing and product engineers and managers, technology managers, test engineers, telco and enterprise end users, server managers, consultants, design and communications specialists, and design service providers.
About the Chairperson:
KRS Murthy is an experienced venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur. He is currently focused on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and competitive strategy. He has led many companies at many different stages and has grown companies to sales of over $500 million. He is a popular speaker at conferences around the world and a leader in many technical societies, including IEEE Nanotechnology Council, IEEE Engineering Management Society, IEEE Computer Society, Silicon Valley Engineering Council, and IEEE Standards Board. He also has experience as a Country Manager for AT&T and AT&T Bell Labs and as a professor of computer engineering at California State University , Fullerton . He has received a Distinguished Service Award from the IEEE Engineering Management Society and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the President of India.


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