About Us

Pedro Chang
Founder / Chief Photographer / Videographer
Tel. (408) 605 9376

Pedro brings over 16 years of experience in graphic user interface design for a global application. He has a proven ability to convey concept sthrough design by coupling his passion of TV and Video to bring a unique product the aids in education and transfer of information in a global scale. Pedro’s expertise includes core concept development, storyboarding, and web site content management by using his skills in illustration, logo design, graphic design, page layout, animation, CSS, HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP, XSL, and JavaScript coding.
Prior to founding PapiTV.com. Pedro expertise stem from his work at VMware, and HP. He managed HP intranet portal and WPC leading to an award for its excellent design, efficient deployment, streamlined and the establishment of standardized design processes.

Pedro is an Out-of-box thinker and is also supporting CCICE by bringing livestream programming beyond the confines of a conference center and into an audience nationwide in the United States and reaching internationally to every corner where internet accessibility is available.
Pedro combines on demand programs and live online TV that brings ccice.tv to our viewers.

KC Leung
Director / Chief Editor /Video-Photographer
email: kc@papitv.com
Tel: 650-690-8119

KC has over 20 yrs of experience in the high technology world as an entrepreneur, consultant and executive at various start-ups. He had previously worked for Microsoft’s famous co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures at Metricom/Ricochet Wireless National Network,the famous pioneering company in wireless data and telecommunications based in Silicon Valley.
He has also helped and consulted for various computer software,hardware,photonic, IT companies in implementing their sales,marketing, business development and IPO strategies.
Earlier in his career he was a photographer and worked for the media and advertising firms in the Caribbean.
KC is also an officer in the United States Air Force Auxiliary Air Search & Rescue for over 17yrs and is a graduate of its prestigious US Air Force Auxiliary Squadron Leadership School at Vandenberg Air Force Base & Space Command, California.
He has attended Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Programs and Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Courses.
KC is currently building key strategic relationships and partnerships with top technology companies to assist Papitv in growing its video streaming media platform for national, global content,on demand entertainment,multi-cultural events and education.

Philip Jepsen
email: philip@papitv.com
Tel: 727-224-1832

Philip has over 30 years of experience in the field of consumer electronics, and is a seasoned entrepreneur in both the private and public sectors. Added to that is an education in mathematics and physics, and a career as a CTO at a public company, COO at several companies, computer programming and consulting on a number of subjects, including computers, sales, finances and high-level security. Philip is also the inventor of of the FAZT HandHeld TouchTyping system, and experienced reviewer of new technology.

Lidia Thompson
email: lidia@papitv.com
Tel: 831-566-7142

Lidia Thompson is a multilingual journalist, a member of the International Federation of Journalists. She has resided in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Bay area since 2002. Before that she was a full time journalist and public relations professional in Europe.

She has attended many national and international conferences, covering various technology areas from hi tech industry to the green alternative energy sector such as solar and wind.

Lidia is also very active in attending major Film Festivals and writing about the Arts, Film industries which utilizes the latest cutting edge in high technologies, such as 3D camera equipment and advance computer graphics softwares.

Lidia has graduated with double majors,an MBA and a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Warsaw School of Economics in Poland.

AJ Mouly
Director/Technical Editor/Media

AJ has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry – both in the private sector working for Fortune 500 companies and for United States National Labs. He is renowned as an expert in his field and has been widely interviewed and published in prestigous journals worldwide such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and Business Week. Ajay is a highly sought after speaker and speaks at prestigous forums and events all over the world. He is excited to bring his expertise to PapiTV and join this illustrious team. AJ has an MBA and MSE from UC Davis.